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All money which is sent to school MUST be sealed in an envelope with the following details:

• Your child’s name
• Grade
• Amount included
• DETAILS of what the money is for

Money can be paid in the following ways:

The preferred methods of payment are:

• Debit order on your account in favor of the school’s account.
• Direct Deposits into the schools account
• Cash payments     


School fees play an integral role in the day to day running of a school. These fees are set annually by the Governing Body. The TOTAL amount is due at the beginning of the year. However, arrangements for 10 monthly payments can be made with the schools Bursar. The final installment is due on or before the 5 October each year. Should a parent default on the monthly payment, the balance owing is then handed over for DEBT COLLECTION.

School fees for 2013   Grade R                   – R9000
                                         Grade 1 – Grade 3   - R8500
                                         Grade 4 – Grade 7   - R8700

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